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A few weeks ago, I made this pretty ombre cake for Easter.  Two of my honorary baby sisters commented on my Instagram photo of it and asked if we could make one together when I came home.  I gave them a "HECK YES."  Flash forward to last weekend.  We invited them over so they could help my sisters and me make a pretty cake.

We laughed and joked while we mixed up the cake batter.  We picked a pretty aqua blue color and made a gradient.  We dumped the batter into pans and set the timer.  We waited.  We laughed some more.  Olive growled at a few people.  Life was good.

I'll spare the bloody details, but it was a mess.  It came out nothing like my first one did and I'm pretty sure that the girls all thought I stole my photo off of Pinterest.  I'm going to blame it on the fact that it was a "Super Moist" cake mix, so it was crumbly and fell apart.  Also, I'm sure it was much easier last time with my mini springform pans.  I don't know.  It was a complete fail.

It sort of resembled the cake that Fauna makes Briar Rose in Sleeping Beauty.  You know the one I'm talking about.  We even ended up having to prop it up with a fork.

All of the boys tried to make us feel better by saying that it was delicious and that it only looked so bad because they couldn't wait to eat it.  It was bad.  Really bad.  It honestly wasn't even worth taking good photos of.  Someone said, "No Instagram filter in the world can fix this."  This was a completely accurate assessment.

When they left, Molly said, "I guess my expectations were just really high."  I'm sooo sorry Molly!  Next time!  We'll figure it out.

But there it is.  Just keeping it real.


  1. HAHA! This is hilarious. You're clever. I still think it looks great. :)

    1. Haha! That's only because you're the sweetest person I know :)

  2. HAHAHA I love this! It actually looks really delicious...

    1. Ha! It really was very good... but not very pretty. Boo :(


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