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My brother is running in his college conference's regional meet today (!!!).  The meet is only about two hours away from Worcester, so I'm going to leave here in a few hours and be there to watch.  He's running his 4x4 relay today and his hurdle race tomorrow-- which I'm super bummed about because he won states two weeks ago in that race and I'm going to miss it because of work.

But anyway, it got me thinking about some fun things to give someone who is about to do something really big that they might need a little extra luck for.

I wanted to put a bunch of little good luck trinkets in a small matchbox, but we didn't have any in our apartment so I looked around for a tutorial.  I used this one, which was pretty nice because it had a free template for the cardboard part.  It turned out wayyy  bigger than I thought it would though--  it ended up being about double the size of a normal matchbox.  Oh, and instead of glue, I used scrapbook photo tape.

I included:
  • A four-leaf clover, for obvious luck reasons
  • A wheat penny.  Because my mom collects them, and everyone needs a lucky penny.
  • A small feather because it reminded me of a dandelion.
  • A fortune cookie-esque quote.
  • A small washi tape/toothpick flag because I wanted a candle but didn't have any.
  • A piece of coral from the ocean that my sister found a few years ago.

It was quick, easy, and it's just something that I think might be more fun to send to someone than a card or a "good luck!!!" text :)

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