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Friday night, I was talking to my mom and learned that she and my sisters were planning an Eastern road trip.  They weren't coming all the way to Massachusetts, but they would only be about two and a half hours from me.  Saturday afternoon, I packed a change of clothes and met them near Cooperstown, New York, which happens to be the home of the National Baseball Hall of Fame, which we visited Sunday morning.

I'm not even a baseball fan and I thought it was so much fun.  Roger has an exam this week so he opted to stay back in Worcester with Olive.  I was pretty bummed, because he's an avid sports fan, but hopefully the two of us can go back sometime soon.

The history and artifacts were amazing.  Like, it is the Baseball Hall of Fame, so anything cool and important in the history of the sport was there.  Side note: we learned that mustaches were the facial hair of choice throughout the past century.

The Hall of Fame gallery was gorgeous and very quiet-- almost serene.

We even squeaked in the new Captain American movie and got ice cream.  Twice.

It was such a fun, spontaneous, fast trip and I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to meet up with my mom and sisters.  We missed my brother, but I know he did amazing at his track meet :)

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