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A couple months ago, my beautiful friend Shanna was going through a rough time and wrote about how baking cookies made her feel better.  And it made me think... it's so true.  Is there anything more comforting than your grandma's chocolate chip cookies?  No.  There is not.

There's so much unkindness in my little world right now.  Not really directed at me, but it still hurts to see.  We've all been victims of unkindness and mean words, and it's so unnecessary.  Sometimes I wonder why people say such hurtful things and revel in the fact that their words cause so much pain.  But then I remember that not everyone was blessed in the ways that I have been.  Not everyone had a family as good and pure and strong as mine.  Not everyone had a grandma with such amazing chocolate chip cookies... but I did.

So I realized by Shanna's post that sometimes you can't fix someone else's problems and you can't heal their feelings, but you can bring them a little comfort for a day.

So I came up with the idea to put together a Milk and Cookies Jar.  It includes:
  • My grandma's Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe
  • A mini milk jar
  • Stripey Straws
  • Little flag toothpicks for decoration :)

The fact that the recipe was in the jar was hard to capture in photos, but here is a little closeup action:

Free recipe card printable found here-- I printed it on cardstock
Blue mason jar and mini milk jar were vintage finds

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