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How has your first week of Spring been?!  Apparently Buffalo has had a few snowstorms since Thursday, so for once I'm happy to be out of the lake-effect snow belt and closer to the ocean.  But Roger and I are both sick of the winter blues, so I'm planning some little things to do in the coming weeks to make us all feel a little bit better... maybe you can try them out, too!

1. Grab some fresh flowers.  It seems like every market and grocery store has gotten the Spring memo, because most have tons of fresh flowers right inside the door.  Like an impulse buy to make you a little happier about grocery shopping.

2 . Check out a local farmer's market.  There's a really cool one here in Worcester that is attached to a little antique/artisan shop.  Not only do they already have some fresh produce, but they also have maple treats, amazing prints from local artists, soaps, and so much more.  I'm so excited to stop by and check it out next weekend!

3. Pick up some new nail polish.  Roger wanted to kill me when I purchased my first bottle of Essie nail polish the other day.  I'm being a total anti-blogger right now, but I wasn't incredibly impressed.  I thought that paying 3 times the amount of normal polish would make it super high quality, but so far it chips just as fast as the rest... But I definitely love the color selection!

4. Make a fruity drink in a mason jar.  Because what screams nice weather better than icy fruit and mason jars?  I just received my Mason Bar Company jar this morning and I've already made two different drinks.  The first was ginger ale with a peach cup mixed in and the second was raspberry ginger ale with fresh strawberries.  Yummm.

Essie's Mint Candy Apple

5. Visit the beach!  I know that I'm pretty lucky that I live on the East Coast, so there are plenty of beaches around to check out, but even in Western New York we had lakes with some nice beaches.  Even though it's still pretty chilly, I think being barefoot in the sand would be so therapeutic-- even if you're still wearing jeans and a NorthFace.  Maybe this is a silly idea, but I'm looking to do it soon.

6. Get tickets to an outdoor sporting event.  Roger and I like going to New England Revolution games at Gillette Stadium.  Their home opener was this past weekend, but it was supposed to rain so we opted out this time.  But we'll definitely be buying tickets soon.  It's pretty crazy that when we went to our first game in August, we didn't even put sweatshirts on until we were walking out of the stadium to our car.  Summer please hurry...

7. Hit up some local Spring festivals.  New England states are so small that it's easy to take a day trip to Rhode Island or New Hampshire, and lots of small towns host festivals all Spring long.  For example, Connecticut is home to the Dogwood Festival and Vermont has tons of sugarhouses to visit.

Just typing these things make me feel better.  Does anyone have any plans to Spring-ify their lives?  Spring cleaning?  A baseball game?  Oh and how about those March Sadness brackets ;)

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