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And it was amazing.  We ended up being able to stay home for a whole week, thanks to the blizzard that swept through Buffalo and kept us from leaving on Wednesday.  Roger's Spring Break lined up perfectly with my little sister's high school musical, but I just realized that I never took any photos there at all.

We left last Saturday morning for home.  Olive was a terror.  She's never not slept in a car and she was starting to drive us nuts.  I actually took her in the back seat and played fetch with her.  That's how desperate all three of us were.  Fetch in three feet of space.  I had every single toy we own for her out, hoping one of them would capture her attention.  She finally settled in when we were about an hour from home, which is where I snapped this picture:

Saturday night, my family and our friend-family had a joint family dinner.  My mom made us stuffed peppers (yum!) and potatoes, and then the girls (all five of us!) painted our nails and watched Disney movies.  The plan was to watch Finding Nemo, but that didn't work out, so we watched Ariel's Beginning and Tangled.

Sunday, Roger, Olive, and I went to my grandparents' house for lunch (a Sunday tradition).  There's always entirely too many people in her pretty little house on Sundays and I wouldn't have it any other way.  Here's Olive recovering from an exhausting afternoon.  You can see the chaos of shoes/coats of the people who hadn't made their way back out the door yet.

Monday, Olive had an appointment at the vet's to get her annual shots.  She did not appreciate strangers handling her, to say the least.  We did finally get to find out what she officially weighs-- 3lbs, 4 oz, which is a little bit smaller than her momma is.  But we got it all done and gave her lots of treats and kisses afterward.

Monday night, Roger and I scored a complementary room at the Seneca Allegany Casino.  Somehow, our reservation got screwed up, so they gave us one of their biggest rooms on the top floor.  We also got some complementary gaming credits for eating dinner there, so we played those and left with money we didn't have when we walked in :)

Tuesday, I went to my sister's dress rehearsal, since we didn't think I would still be in Western New York for her actual shows.  Since a blizzard hit the Buffalo area Wednesday morning, we couldn't make it out so I got to see her shows both Thursday and Friday nights.  I was sad I couldn't see the shows on Saturday, but we had to come back to Massachusetts at some point, even though we didn't want to.

Friday morning, we went to a local antique mall.  I always drool over the pretties they have there.  I did actually leave with a few things, but I'll share about that later.

On our way back on Saturday, we stopped at one of my favorite restaurants ever.  Seriously, if you're in the WNY/Southern Tier area, stop by Sprague's.  You won't be disappointed.  Roger got a Turkey dinner and I got French toast (even though it was lunchtime).

Somewhere under all that fruit was my delicious french toast.  And those berries were all so fresh and scrumptious.  To. Die. For.

On our way out, Roger grabbed a bag of maple cotton candy.  It was the perfect start to a loooong road trip.

So now we're back in New England, just in time for the weather to start warming up.  Roger and I are both convinced we suffer from seasonal depression, so hopefully all of this sun will brighten our moods a little bit.

I'm sorry it's been almost a month since I've blogged, and much longer than that since I've posted anything interesting or substantial.  Please bear with me.  I haven't had much to say.  I promise that's about to change, so keep checking in for more exciting things!  Also, I post a lot on Instagram (@eyeloveyoublog), especially when we're on trips, so feel free to follow me there.  Hopefully that will be enough of an Eye Love You Blog fix to keep you interested while I kick start my blog back into the swing of things!

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