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I've been spending some time lately doing some blog-related things.  If you like me on Facebook, you'll already know that I've registered my own domain name for this blog.  To make it easier to remember, all you have to do is type, instead of  You have to remember the www in front, because without it, it'll tell you my site is under construction.  I'm working on fixing that though, so I'll let you know when it's all set.

I've also been working on some business cards... because why not, right?  I wish I could take credit for these pretties, but I was inspired by these that I found on In The Fun Lane.  Holly offers a great tutorial and even some free templates to get you started if you're interested in making some like this.

It's a lot easier to see all of the light grey words in person.  Black words would have showed up so much better from a photographical perspective, but I like how soft the light grey is in real life.  I bought the aqua/mint vellum paper from Michael's and used some white card stock I already had.  The outer envelope says:
taurie dechow
blogger. crafter. mermaid.

And the inner strip of paper just has my logo and all of my social media information.

I sealed each envelope with the photo adhesive strips that I bought at Target instead of glue like Holly used.  I also added some heart-shaped confetti that I cut out of the vellum scraps and sealed it with some pretty silver washi tape.  They're unexpected and fun, and I think they give a good glimpse into the brand I've been working hard to build here.  What do you think?  Totally unnecessary?  

Maybe.  But I don't care.

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