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It's amazing having weekends off.  Seriously. Roger and I get to spend more time together and we don't feel as rushed to get everything done that we want to do.

Saturday we went to a local farmer's market and a vintage shop.  We bought a few things at the farmer's market and I have my eye on a few things in the shop :)  I'm so happy we found out about that little part of the city.  We'll definitely be back next weekend and I can't wait to share a few photos of our visit there.

Sunday we went to Providence and ate lunch at Dave and Buster's.  Of course we played games, too.  And won prizes.  No big deal.  But I also made my very first Anthropologie purchases.  I'd been in an Anthropologie once before, but I drool over their home decor goods online all. the. time.  So I decided to share with you a few photos of my purchases and another little update that I've forgotten.

Remember the Craigslist TV stand we bought way back in August?  In that post, I talked a little bit about how I wanted to switch out the boring silver knobs someday.  Well, that day has come.

You can hate me for the mismatchness if you want to, but I won't care.  It's been the plan all along to have the knobs be different, and I like when things are a little off.  Someday I'll have a dining room with mismatched chairs and if the cabinets in my current kitchen didn't have handles, they'd already have mismatched knobs.  Not to mention my mismatched china collection.

So don't judge me.  Or do if you need to, but it won't bother me.

And while we're still in the living room, check out my new blanket shelf :)  It's a ladder straight from Roger's dad's garage.  The colors fit perfectly and I love having somewhere casual to put the blankets, which makes them easy to grab and easy to put away.

My other purchase from Anthropologie was a Mermaid hand towel.  I'm obsessed... because I'm a mermaid after all.  And the colors are going to go perfectly with the new additions I'm planning.  So stay tuned :)  Sorry about the horrible lighting in the bathroom... there are zero windows.

Oh and my mom said she looks like me so that makes me happy :)

I trimmed down my tulips from last week and bought a few more.  I can't help but have some in the apartment right now... Spring is so close I can taste it!

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