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I didn't do Christmas cards.  Everyone always talks about how big of a pain in the neck they are and I don't really see myself as a real adult yet... so I didn't do them.  Valentines, on the other hand, are much more unexpected and much sweeter.

Roger and I had a mini photo shoot a few days ago.  We picked our favorite photo from the bunch and I uploaded it into a really pretty template I found on Shutterfly.  After the prints were in my hands, I put them all in kraft envelopes and stuffed some of them with confetti-- but only the ones who were going to people that I knew would appreciate it (Grandmas who would have to sweep confetti off their floors... probably wouldn't appreciate it).  I also wrapped some of the photos with a large doily... just because they're too pretty not to use.

I can't wait until our families get them.  Hopefully it will make them smile :)  I hope you're all staying warm this week... Spring can come any day now.


  1. Great minds!!! I just emailed Jonathan a few links this morning about sending Valentine's Day cards since we didn't do Christmas cards this year with returning from Disney so late in December :-) I may have to borrow a few of your ideas (if timing allows) to make mine extra special too!

    1. It was honestly kind of therapeutic. I highly recommend it. Also, if you're on a time crunch, Shutterfly will mail them out for you-- but for me, that was the fun part. :)


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