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I spent a long weekend with my family who visited me.  They left this morning and I got sent home from work early because of the snowstorm that's about to slam the East Coast.

I had an amazing, crazy, exhausting Valentine's weekend with people that I love, and I'm kind of sad that Valentine's day is wrapping up.  It's totally okay to have Valentine's Day and St Patrick's Day kind of clash a little, right?  Because I definitely don't want to take down all of the valentines that we received in the mail.  Or the gorgeous garland Shanna made for me (isn't she crazy talented?!).

And if you follow me on Instagram (@eyeloveyoublog), you already got a sneak peak of it.

My mom brought me the prettiest St. Patrick's Day wreath (which she made, btw), so that's my inspiration to start slowly switching stuff over to a green color palette here :)

Does anyone else send/receive valentines in the mail?  I talked about the valentines I sent out to our families here.  What about decorating?  I know some people don't like the holiday, but I can't help but love the pinks and reds and all of the hearts and glitter :)

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day and a relaxing long weekend!

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