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If you're new here (hi!), it's Warm Your Space Wednesday.  To check out last week's post, you can click here, and to check out the very first week's, you can click here.

So if you're like me and just got around to taking down your Christmas decorations, you're in luck because part of festify-ing my living room included using one of the pretty gold garlands that I had draped over my tree for over a month.  I just combined that with a heart garland that I made a few weeks ago and boom.  Christmas decorations become Valentine's Day decorations.

And if you follow me on Instagram, (@eyeloveyoublog), you saw my post last night about the fact that my colorblind tendencies always pull me toward aqua and mint.  Always.

So I stole the antique chair-turned-nightstand from my bedroom and put the most romantic books I own on it: Ella Enchanted, Romeo and Juliet, and Other People's Love Letters (which would be a great Valentine's gift to your love, btw ;)).  Oh, and I also put my Love Note Jar up there.

It's nothing special, but it literally took me two minutes to set it all up and it makes the living room look much happier... you know, since it's super depressed that the Christmas tree is down.

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