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It's Warm Your Space Wednesday :)  Each week, I share a way to help you warm up your home.  You can check out last week's post about DIY monogram art by clicking here.

Sooo I'm just as much into the whole paint or gold-dipped craze as anybody else-- remember my feather garland?  I've seen a lot of pins on Pinterest about paint and/or gold-dipped furniture, like here and here.  I really, really want to gold-dip the legs of this chair... but I'm absolutely terrified to do it.  What if it looks terrible?  I'd never be able to match that pretty aqua paint again.  I'd ruin the whole look of the chair...

So then the idea hit me to do the same type of thing but with a much less permanent outcome.  My go-to decor solution... (everybody say it with me)... washi tape.

It was really simple.  I just wrapped it around the leg of the chair until I liked the height of it.  As to why I chose pink, it's the same washi tape I used to hang the flowers on our wall.

Eventually, I'd like to take the leap and paint the legs gold.  Maybe I'll use gold washi tape to simulate the look before I do?  But for now, I'm loving the easy, cheap, temporary alternative.  If you're not ready to commit to painting your precious furniture but really love the paint-dipped look, I recommend trying this out to make sure you love it :)

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