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Maybe it's just me, but it really bothers me when couples buy each other really expensive Valentine's Day gifts.  I know a lot of people view the holiday as a day Hallmark has invented to make more money... but that doesn't stop National Ice Cream Day from being any less exciting, does it?  Anyway, Roger and I have always exchanged meaningful gifts, which I wouldn't change for the world.  Expensive gifts isn't what the day is about.

But Valentine's Day is only three weeks away!  What I'm sharing today isn't what I'm giving Roger, but only because he's gotten something similar before.

This little jar is the "Reasons Why I Love You" jar.  I picked ten reasons because it keeps it short and sweet, but still sentimental.  I used my little vintage half-pint jar and decorated it with some baker's twine and a watercolor heart that I made for a project a couple weeks ago.

I accordion-folded some pieces of paper to make them easier to cut and thought of some reasons why I like this boy of mine.

Some of my favorites:  You're the perfect logical to my creative, your patience, you make me feel safe, etc.

Then I just accordion-folded the individual pieces and tossed all ten of them into the jar.

It's a really easy project that anyone would love.  I think it's human nature to feel insecure or like you're not enough, so hearing the reasons why someone loves you would be a gift that screams Valentine's Day :)

Oh, and you could also use this craft in a slightly different way.  You could set one out on the table or counter for each person and for the two weeks leading up to Valentine's Day, you could drop in notes while you think of them, then on Valentine's Day, you each could open your jar.

If you're looking for other ideas, in past years I've given Roger scrapbooks:

Last year, I made him preplanned, prepaid date envelopes:

For our anniversary, I hand-wrote our love story:

I've also made some heart art, a pretty gift envelope, and just like 90% of girls, I did the 52 Reasons Why I Love You cards...  but weirdly enough, I never blogged about that.

Check out my projects page if you want to look around at some of the crafts I've made Roger :)

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