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I've talked about my mismatched china collection here and here, as well as posting an Instagram photo here and there (see above), and pulling it out to color-coordinate with specific recipes, like my candy corn pancakes.

But I wanted to really delve into what I have in my collection and what makes it so special to me.  I've never been one to be matchy-matchy, as I think is evident in the way I've decorated our apartment so far.  I think my mismatched china stems from the fact that I always drooled over everyone's separate china, hoping that all of them would pass it on to me one day.  Well, it turns out that a lot of people love me and loved the idea of me having a part of their collection.

On my 21st birthday, My Grandma Marsha gifted me two place settings.  The first was pieces of her pink depression glass collection.  She has an entire china cabinet full of this stuff that she's picked up from yard sales and as gifts throughout the years.  It's so soft and feminine.  And just to feed my mismatched addiction a little more, most of these pieces are a different pattern.

The second setting that she gave me was my great-great grandmother's.  My great-great grandfather bought it for her after they made a substantial amount of money from an oil lease they had in Bradford, PA.  At the time, it was an extremely expensive collection.  I actually missed a piece when I was photographing it.  It's an eight-piece place setting.  Eight.  It's gorgeous.

I got my third place setting shortly after these two.  This setting isn't from anyone in my family.  A sweet lady named Gloria collected the same pattern of depression glass (Jeanette Floragold Louisa) for over 30 years and had over 200 pieces.  She and her husband decided it was time to let it go and when none of their children wanted it, they listed it on Craigslist, which is where we found it.

Gloria needed it to be sold all together for her own piece of mind, as it had taken a large portion of her life to build her collection.  Right before we left, Gloria and I discovered that we share a birthday.  She started crying and said she knew it was going to the right person.

The plan is to sell it a little at a time, since I've already picked out the things that I want from it.

Later that fall, I was at my Aunt Kathi's house for dinner.  She served some of her food in her formal china dishes and I told her how gorgeous it was (because it totally is!).  My mom told her about my mismatched china scheme and they both told me how expensive it was when my aunt registered for it for her wedding.

About a month later, I graduated from college and I got a surprise graduation gift.  She had found her china pattern online and ordered me a place setting of it!  One of the best, most thoughtful gifts I've ever received.  Hands down.

Fast forward to this past summer when my Grandma Ruth gifted me a setting of her china.  She gave it to me on my 22nd birthday, but said it wasn't a birthday present ;)  I love hers.  It has pretty wheat on it and has the country vibe my soul craves these days.  I missed a piece when I was photographing this set as well.

Not long after that, my Aunt Kerri gave me a setting of hers.  This was also around the time of my birthday, but after we graduate college, the aunts don't give their nieces and nephews birthday presents anymore.  So it was a "just because" gift :)  I love hers because it's so simple.  It helps tie all of the other settings together.

Before I moved, my mom and sister went to the antique store with me to look for some vintage jars that I could use as canisters in my kitchen.  While we were there, Taylor found a china set with nine place settings.  It was marked down so far that it was only $10 for the entire set.  Since there were nine, she gave me one.  So now Taylor and I will always have connected settings :)  Again, the simplicity of this setting just tones everything down and keeps it all from being too busy, just like my Aunt Kerri's above.

So that took me to seven place settings.  I was content.  I knew I had forever to complete my set.  As I was unpacking my china in my new kitchen in our new apartment in Worcester, Massachusetts, I saw my mom's china pattern peeking through.  I was so excited that she packed up a setting for me to have.  This is another setting with pretty, dainty flowers.

It's honestly one of the things that I cherish the most.  I love that I have a little piece of so many important women in my life here in Massachusetts with me.  Of course, there are others that I think of all the time (what up, Aunt Jill!).  How lucky am I to have so many beautiful, classy women to look up to?


  1. I may or may not have just teared up a little bit that your mom stuck in a setting when you were packing for the move!! love it!

    1. Ha! I started writing something super mushy but then I started getting teary so I deleted it. I might get homesick very easily... ;)


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