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It's Warm Your Space Wednesday!  I'm sharing something Christmas-related this week... I hope you enjoy :)

This is my first year without having a real Christmas tree.  Artificial trees just aren't the same.  They're too full and too perfect.  I like oddly shaped ones with lots of character that your brother cuts down himself.  I hate putting it into my great-grandmother's Christmas tree stand, but I miss it.  I hate that they're so heavy and scratchy and that my mother always insists on getting a Blue Spruce (painful).  But I miss it.

While Rog and I were grocery shopping last week, I went to check out the fresh flowers like I always do.  This time, they had bouquets of evergreen branches.-- different kinds all bundled together.  And for $3.88, I'm not sure how anyone can blame me for picking some up.

On our way out, a man stopped us and told us how beautiful they were and told us they would "make the cah smell nice."  And then he wished us a Merry Christmas.  Sometimes I don't hate the city.

I was going to lay them out across the TV stand, on the dresser, etc... but then I realized how sticky they were.  So I trimmed them up and put them in vases all over our apartment.  And when I ran out of vases, I used cups.  Nbd.  These photos really don't do it justice... They really, shall I say, warmed my space.

I highly recommend the small investment to everyone... especially those who are trying to decorate a dorm room or apartment this season.  It feels like home.  I've had them for a week now and they're still going strong!

And they do smell good :)

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