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Wednesday morning at 5am, Roger, Olive, and I started our trek to Western New York.  We were a little nervous because the forecast showed a huuuuge storm in our path.  Somehow we didn't have any trouble and made it home on schedule.  There was probably about eight solid inches of snow everywhere.  There still isn't any snow in Massachusetts, so it's just funny how the Great Lakes affect the Buffalo-area.  I'm glad there was snow.  It made it seem more like my home.

My family had plans for the afternoon, so I went and hung out at my Grandma Ruth's house for nearly seven hours.  She made me dinner and I helped her set everything up for Thanksgiving the next day.  I went home later that night and saw my family and got to sleep in my sister's room :)

Thursday morning, I woke up ready to celebrate!  I texted Roger and he said he'd meet me at my Grandma's house around noon... then asked for a picture of Olive.  Here's what he got.

My family drove to Grandma's house around 11 to help her with whatever else she needed.  I think we set for 20 people and there were at least 12 cousins/aunts/uncles missing from the table this year, and that's just counting off the top of my head.  I have a big family.

After we ate, the college-age-and-older cousins got to draw names for our Secret Santa exchange.  This is my favorite thing.

We left Thanksgiving lunch at Grandma Ruth's house around 5 to go to Grandma Marsha's house for Thanksgiving dinner.  I didn't get any pictures of this, but that's probably because I was stuffing my face with apple pie.  My grandma had bought me a sparkly little decorative tree (pics to come later! :)) and after she heard about last week's Mini Apple Pie Debacle, she gave me her extra rolling pin.  She's the best.  I talked to my aunt for a while about our apartment and she offered me an artificial Christmas tree that had been taking up space in her attic.  I told her if it fit in our car, we'd take it.  It did.  We did.  Pics to come ;)

After we left Grandma Marsha's house around 9, we went home and  played Taboo.  I'd never played it before, but it's now one of my favorite games.  I'm just not a big board-game player, so games that I don't have to move pieces on a board with strategy (who does that?), are my jam.

Friday, my family went to watch my high school's football team bring home the State Championship in Syracuse, so I spent the whole day with Roger.  We went to the antique mall in the morning where I found something that I've been looking for for a long time (pics to come!), and after that we went to the mall and bought his niece a birthday present since she celebrated her first birthday a couple weeks ago.

Roger got me some Tim Horton's on the way back to his parents' house because Massachusetts doesn't know what's good for them.  Candy Cane Hot Chocolate?  Yes, please.

Then we went to Roger's sister's house for dinner.  Roger played poker with the guys and I played with Ava with the girls.  It was a good night.  Ava's getting so big-- I honestly can't believe it.

Saturday morning, Roger took me home.  I spent the entire day with my family.  We went to their theatre rehearsal because they had an entire run-through of their upcoming musical, Shrek.  It's hilarious.  Seriously.  Much funnier than the movie.

Aaaand that's when I realized how much I missed that place.  I spent my entire childhood on that stage... someday I'll be back...

After rehearsal, my mom and I went to tell my Grandma Ruth goodbye.  I'd told her I would see her again before I left, so I wanted to make sure I did.  She gave me lots of steaks and ground beef to take back with me, and we made lasagna with it last night! :)

Sunday morning around 8:30am, Roger and I headed back to Massachusetts.  Once we hit Springfield, Mass, we hit holiday traffic.  We sat on the Mass Pike for over an hour and only moved ten miles.  It was terrible.  We exited early and took a smaller highway back to Worcester, but we were still stuck in traffic for another half hour.  It was miserable.

Ten hours later, we were finally back in our apartment around 6:30pm.  We carried in all of our bags and newly acquired Christmas decorations and I even got to set up our Christmas tree while we watched the tail-end of the Bills game.

More on our tree later, but that's it for today.  See you in three weeks (!!!), Western New York! :)

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