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This is my first artificial Christmas tree ever.  Seriously.  I've never had a fake tree before, and I've also never bought a real one from a store.  We always trek outside and cut down our own.  With a saw.  And by "we cut it down," I actually mean my brother cuts it down.

Last year, my family even had two trees because the first one we trimmed too short and my little sister got sad because it wasn't big enough to be a Christmas tree.  So we had our "real" Christmas tree and an Irish tree with all of my mom's Irish ornaments.  I actually loved having two trees.

While I'm sure it would be the biggest pain ever to have a real tree on an upper floor of an apartment building, it's still a little strange.

Sunday night when we got back to Massachusetts, I assembled the tree that my aunt gave me.  My mom thought it might be a good idea to have it set up and look at it before I decided what color lights/garland/star I wanted.  Monday, I made two (sigh) trips to Target and decorated the Christmas tree by myself for the first time ever.

Get ready for Christmas Tree Photo Overload.

My mom sent me back with all of my ornaments and some of my Great Grandma Huckelbery's plastic reindeer.  I love them.

Oh and that cute mini tree?  My Grandma Marsha gave that to me while I was home for Thanksgiving.  It's sparkly.  And we can't forget our elf on the shelf, Scout.  She's sure to cause some mischief this holiday season ;)

I also brought back my Nativity Scene that I've had forever.  The pieces are plastic, so they won't get broken.  We've always set it up under our tree, but I'm afraid Olive will steal Baby Jesus.

Anyone who knew me growing up knows that I had about a million Precious Moments figurines.  So this little girl is sitting on the window sill between the kitchen and the dining area.

And because I'm trying to spread the Christmas cheer throughout our apartment, this is where the Elf on the Shelf book ended up :)  You never know where Scout might land!

I always had colored lights and silver tinsel garland growing up, but I've always been sort of a more gold than silver girl, and those white lights were calling my name.  I knew they'd look so pretty together.

My Grandma Marsha always has an angel on top of her tree, but my mom and her mom, Grandma Ruth, have always had stars.  My mom's star was actually her grandmother's (Great Grandma Huckelbery for the win, again!).  I think the topper just depends on what you grew up with... so when I saw this star at Target the other day, I knew it was the one :)

There were some gold glittery ones that were pulling on my heartstrings, but I think a star needs to light up, and this one looked a little more like something that could be my "forever star."  A little classier and more grown up.

So let's look at the living room all glow-y in the dark :)

You just never know where that sneaky little Scout is going to end up ;)
            Cue Roger rolling his eyes...

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