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I don't normally blog on the weekends, but I've neglected it all week while I've been home so I thought I'd share some of my New Years Eve ideas for this coming week.

New Years Eve is probably my third favorite holiday.  Just to clarify, Fourth of July is my first and Halloween is my second.  Normally, my entire extended family goes bowling in the late afternoon and then my aunt and her kids either come to our house or we go to their house for snacks and games until the big countdown.  The food is always so good and I love playing the Wii or the Kinect dance games.

But this year Roger and I will be back in Massachusetts before New Years Eve, so we're planning our own celebration.  I'm not entirely sure what our plans are yet, but if we end up having our own little party, I would totally include these things:

One.  A gold-dipped garland.  We all know I like those.
Two.  Sparklers.  In champagne.  Could we get any more festive?
Three.  "Have a kiss at midnight."  Enough said.
Four.  Edible glitter.  On fortune cookies.  I need to find out how to do this.
Five.  Confetti wands.
Six.  A s'more bar!
Seven.  New Years Eve in a Jar :)  

I can't wait.  And don't worry, you will definitely be able to find me playing Sonic the Hedgehog this week on the Sega Genesis that my brother gave me for Christmas #oldschool #noshame

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