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It's Warm Your Space Wednesday!  If you're new here, I'm sharing a craft a week to help make your house feel cozier and more "you."  Last week, I shared my flower wall, and the week before that, I shared my heart-shaped mini maps.

This week, I tried something out that I've been wanting to try for a while: tissue paper pom-poms.

To make these, I bought a package of 20 sheets of white tissue paper from AC Moore.  Everything else that I needed, I already had-- baker's twine, washi tape, and scissors.

Here's what I did:

One. I started with eight pieces of tissue paper. I accordion-style folded it...
Two. ...until I folded it all.
Three.  I tied a piece of baker's twine (about 12 inches long) around the center of the tissue paper.  This was to help me keep my center when I was pulling it apart and to hang it with.
Four.  I cut both ends of the tissue paper into a round shape to give it a softer look.  I trimmed off the extra that's still there in that photo, but I wasn't worried about it looking perfect because I knew you wouldn't be able to tell when I was done.
Five.  I made the mistake of pulling apart one side and then moving to the other side with my first pom.  This made one side a lot fuller than the other for some reason.  So for the others, I made sure to pull it apart one-by-one in quadrants.
Six.  I pulled and fluffed the first piece on the top-right portion.
Seven.  Then I pulled and fluffed the top-left portion.
Eight.  Then I pulled and fluffed the bottom-right and the bottom-left.  I continued this cycle until all of my pieces of tissue paper were pulled apart and I had a pretty pom.  Doing it this way definitely helped keep the shape of the pom more symmetrical.

A word of caution... be gentle.  I think I ripped every single one of the poms that I made in at least one spot.  Luckily, the tears were easily to hide... I either just sort of smooshed them in a way that made them less obvious or cut them off if I couldn't blend them in.

To make the medium-sized ones, I just cut the large sheets in half, and to make the smallest ones, I cut the sheets in half again.

To hang them, I just used washi tape.  Washi tape has helped me with decorating a lot so far, so I'm pretty confident it'll hold up.  If not, I'll let you know-- but here's hoping.

From the very beginning, I wanted these poms in my bedroom in the weird little nook over my dresser.  I thought it would make the nook less awkward and match the soft and pretty aesthetic I have going on in that room.  So after I finished all of them, I started hanging them up.

I could tell the minute I started hanging them that it wasn't working.  It made that whole wall look too busy with unconventional art and I didn't like that they seemed kind of hidden from certain angles of the room.  Darn it.  Someday I'll figure out what to do there.

I didn't really want them in the living room, because I already have some things on the walls in there, including some traditional art-in-frames and two garlands (here and here).  But once I started looking around in there, I thought maybe the little corner in our dining-area might be nice.  So up they went.

It really doesn't look as busy as I anticipated it would, and they're a soft, subtle addition to my decor.  They're more noticeable in person, but definitely not in-your-face.

I might add a few more later, but I didn't want to have too many and have it be overkill.  Also, Roger hasn't seen them yet so-- there's that.  But I'd love to make them kind of float around the corner into the kitchen and taper off a little more along the wall toward the TV, maybe with some smaller ones.  Oh and I'd say the medium-sized ones came out the best for some reason, but I love the different sizes all hanging together.

It's easy, I swear!  I vote you all try it and send me pics of your afters :)

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