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It's Warm Your Space Wednesday!  I'm sharing a craft a week to help warm up your homes and make them more cozy.  Last week, I made some personalized art with some heart-shaped maps.

I'm sticking with the art theme, but this week it's a little more unconventional.  Remember when my bedroom was ultra-plain and looked like this?

Well, it still looks ultra-plain, but now it's a little happier with the help of a flower wall:

I had a bouquet of Baby's Breath that I'd had in my owl vase on the dining room table.  It dried up nicely without even needing to be hung upside down, and I thought it was too pretty to toss away. I mentioned in this post that I wanted my bedroom to be cozy and pretty, so I initially thought about using washi tape to hang the flowers on my bedroom wall in a circular/wreath pattern.  But then I saw a post on Instagram that inspired me to give it a more cascading/striped look.  I think it kind of gives it a flowy feel, like ribbons hanging down.

It was stupid easy.  I just took my bouquet, pulled it apart, and picked some washi tape (I might change it to gold though, because the pink and peach kind of clash).  I did this at 11:30pm on Saturday night while Roger was studying for his upcoming monster-test-week, so I'm sorry about the dark photos :(

I just found the center of the bed and started hanging.  I wanted to have equal columns, with four flowers in each one, but I didn't have enough pieces of Baby's Breath to do it, so I gave it a little arrow-type shape, thinking it would be good enough for now.  But the more I looked at it, the less satisfied I was.

And here's what it looked like Sunday morning in the light:

Monday morning, I took a ride to a little town outside of Worcester and on my way home, I picked up a discounted bouquet of white Baby's Breath that also had a few greens.  I took it home and started swapping some of the peach flowers for white ones and greens.  So after the purchase of my new flowers, I had enough pieces to give it the look I wanted.

I would have gone down one or two more rows, but they would have been within Olive's reach and I know she would have munched on them... so they're just hanging out up high.

Obviously, the peach flowers were all dried out before I hung them, but the white and greens aren't.  I think the white Baby's Breath will dry out just fine as it is, since the peach did in the vase, but the greens I'm going to press-- you know, with wax paper and an iron like I did for my 10th grade Biology leaf notebook.  But I was too anxious to get them up and see how much I loved them... so that will probably be a project for tonight...

Oh, and guess what.  I took all of the photos for this post in manual mode on my DSLR.  No joke.  My life will never be the same.

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