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With Thanksgiving approaching, we've been preparing for another trip back to Western New York.  This will be Olive's third trip home, and she's a really good traveler (we're so thankful).  I'm not sure if she's just naturally this way, or if we do everything right to keep her happy, or if it's a combination of both.

I partially attribute it to the fact that Olive has always gone everywhere with me.  If I was going to the park, she rode along.  If I was going to Grandma's, she rode along.  Roger's house, she rode along.  She's obviously much happier in the car if she's riding in someone's lap, but we have an understanding that if we're the only two in the car, she needs to stay in her own seat.  If she tries to creep over, I just tell her "no" and put her back in the passenger seat.

Thankfully, (with the exception of my last trip home when Roger drove her back on his own) Olive rides happily in the passenger's lap for most of the trip.  That's right.  This girl sleeps for the majority of the 7.5-hour car ride.  I swear, the minute she's in the car, even if we're only driving to the grocery store, she curls up in my lap and falls asleep.

We have a pillow that we keep in the car for her because she seems to settle in better when she's got some sort of bed. Honestly, though... I don't think it would matter much.

We usually stop two or three times during the trip for bathroom and food breaks and Olive gets out to run around.  She usually goes to the bathroom right away and then she's ready for another solid nap.  When the rare occasion arises that she's awake, we make sure that we have her favorite chew toys around to keep her occupied.  We also always carry a zip-lock bag of her food and a dish for water in case she needs anything.

We always say that if she ever becomes restless, I'll get in the backseat with her where she has more space to jump around a little and play... So far, that hasn't happened.

I fully intended this post to be a "how to keep your dog entertained while on a long car ride" thing.  But once I started writing it, I realized that I have the easiest dog to travel with ever.  Now I feel like I'm bragging.  Sorry.

I do actually wonder how she would do on a plane though.  I know she would have to be kept in her carrier under the seat in front of me.  She really hates being in the carrier if we're not walking somewhere, and I'm not sure how she would do with all of the strangers.  Somehow I don't think that me saying, "I promise she'll stop crying and barking if you let her sit on my lap!" would convince the flight attendants to let me take her out of the bag.  It would definitely be nice to be able to fly with her though, especially since I had to say goodbye to her when I went home last time so she could ride back to Massachusetts with Roger.

I possibly jinxed myself with this post.  Watch her be miserable when we go home for Thanksgiving.

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