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I'm sharing a quick update today about the art cluster in my living room.  This little cluster has been a long time in the making and I'm actually pretty far behind when it comes to sharing it.  So we'll start at the beginning.  For Roger's birthday in September, I made him a painting with Olive's footprints and we hung it up on the wall across from the television.  The same week, I made a feather garland and hung it up over one of the love seats on the same wall.

Then, sometime in October, I finally decided to print off a free download that was offered on one of my favorite blogs, Little Baby Garvin, in September.  Jess is really talented with typography and art on her chalkboard and she offers a lot of prints for sale on her Etsy shop.  I saved the printable to a USB and printed it off at a photo center.  I wasn't paying attention when I did it though and accidentally printed it with a gloss finish instead of matte.  So, if you download it and print it off, make sure it's a matte finish.  It'll look so much better.  But anyway, I'm over a month behind in sharing that little addition.  

And then in October I participated in a garland exchange in which I sent a pinecone garland to a wonderful woman named Christine who also has her own Etsy shop.  I saw a post on Instagram where she made a custom hoop with two people's names in it.  I immediately fell in love.  So I contacted her and we talked about it via email and I finally got it last week!  

So I had to figure out how to hang it on my wall.  I had some little command strip hooks that seemed to work because of the little ledge around the inside of the hoop.  

I put one up on the wall, centered under the Make Believe art.  I also wanted to make sure that it was about as close to the Make Believe art as the Pawprint art was, just so that the hoop didn't look like it was placed in left field.  I wanted it to look like a cluster.

For now, it's just happily resting on the little hook.  I had the window open all day yesterday and it didn't seem to be a problem with the breeze.  Thankfully, Olive is never in the living room unsupervised (we put up a baby gate when we're gone so that she only has run of half of the apartment), so if it does fall, she won't ruin it before I get to it.

I think the whole wall looks a lot nicer with this little art cluster.  All of the colors work well together-- aqua, gold, white, a dash of coral, and some black for contrast.  I'm hoping my little sister makes me some art for Christmas (ahem-- TAYLOR) so that I can get some more things hung up around the apartment.

I'd like to get some more picture-art if that makes sense.  As much as I love my cluster, I'd love to get some more things that aren't typography, because 2/3 of this art is.

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