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After my last swap, I was planning on waiting a few months before I joined another one... that is, until I found out about the It's Just Emmy Garland Exchange to support a family trying to adopt a child.  It pulled at my heartstrings and I just knew I had to sign up.

My partner said that she has two boys, so she didn't want anything girly or frilly.  I decided to make my her something similar to my feather garland, but use pine cones instead.  I wanted to tie in her favorite colors, too... so sunshine yellow it was :)

For this garland, I used pine cones that I picked up in a park on a walk with Roger and Olive, some rustic twine, and the same sunshine yellow paint that I used this summer to paint the front door.

I just dipped the very top of the pine cone into the gallon of paint.  After I thought of this idea, I looked up some tutorials on Pinterest to make sure there wasn't anything that I needed to do that I hadn't thought of.

I laid them all out on a piece of wax paper to dry.  I knew wax paper would be the best because the paint would peel right off of it, but I was still nervous about those puddles of paint around all the pine cones.  I didn't want those to dry, giving me a pancake of paint on the bottom of my pine cones.

So after about 25 minutes, I moved each pine cone to a new spot on the wax paper.  They continued to dry without the excess paint.

After they dried, I measured out six feet of twine. I just knotted the twine under the first tier of the pine cone.  I didn't need to double knot it like I did for my feather garland because I knew it wouldn't slide around.

I really like it.  I think it could go well with fall or winter decor, and I hope my swap partner thinks so, too!  I'm going to try to mail it out today so that she should have it before the end of the week! :)

Update: I changed out the thick twine for some baker's twine before I sent it out... click here to see!

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