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I was looking up garlands on Pinterest for inspiration for a project I'm working on when I came across this.  I couldn't pass it up.  I knew we had about a million different walls in our apartment to hang it up on, so I gathered some supplies that I already had on hand and got started.

One.  Martha Stewart's Yellow Gold craft paint.
Two.  Gold washi tape and a 1" foam brush
Three. White feathers
Four.  Recollections Gold Extra Fine Glitter
Five. Baker's Twine

I squeezed out a little bit of gold paint onto a piece of paper and used my foam brush to gently paint it onto the feather.  I've seen tutorials where people actually use painter's tape, but I just eyeball-ed it.  There was a point on each feather where it went from silky to fluffy, so I just painted the silky part at the bottom and left the fluffy stuff to be free and blow around.  I made sure to paint straight across, to really give it that "dip-dyed" look.

Next came the fun part.  I dumped a pile of glitter onto the piece of paper and dipped the feather into it.  The glitter stuck to the wet paint, and since both were gold, it looked extra glamorous.  I actually had to dump more glitter out for every feather, so I think it's safe to say that there is a sufficient amount of sparkle going on.

After that, I just finished up the other four feathers and had to wait for them to dry.  Since I only used a very thin layer of paint, it didn't take very long.  I used this time to clean out the brush so that I could use it again, and to bake Roger's birthday cookies :)

After they were all dry, I measured out how long I wanted my garland to be and cut a piece of baker's twine to that length, making sure that I had about a foot of extra twine on each end to hang down.  I laid it all out on the floor to stage where I wanted the feathers to be placed.

I should have started with the middle feather and worked my way outward-- that would have kept everything a little more centered.  I started with the feather furthest to the left and tied a knot around the quill of the feather.

And then I double-knotted it, to make sure that it was nice and secure.  I kept some of the fluff above the knot in an attempt to keep it in place. I didn't want it to slide right off.

I tied knots around all of the feathers, trying to keep it all centered, and grabbed some washi tape and slapped it up on the wall :)

And here's a photo from yesterday's post to show how pretty it is with Olive's art and the gold lamp.

Not counting paint-drying time, it probably took me a total of 15 minutes.  It's quick, easy, and dresses up the space.  I think it looks nice for the fall, but will also look nice through Thanksgiving, the winter, and New Years Eve.  Maybe even in the summer, too.  Alright, I'll keep it up all year.  Twist my arm.

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