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Earlier this week, I posted about the pine cone garland that I made for the It's Just Emmy Garland Exchange.  Well.  Here's the thing.  It was too short, the thick twine I used made it not lay right, and it got a little crushed on the plane back to Boston.

Sooo... I took it all apart and redid it.

I measured out six feet of baker's twine and threw away the two pine cones that got smashed.  So it has 7 pine cones instead of nine like it originally did.

And since it really didn't turn out how I imagined it would, I decided to throw in a few extra things to make up for it.  I bought the little candle holder at a local boutique while I was home this weekend, and I picked up the candy corn as a little treat for my partner and her family :)  Oh, and  I wanted to protect the precious pine cones from any further damage, so I threw them in a jar and gave it a mini garland for the occasion!

Really short post today, I know, but it's just an update.  Swap partner-- I hope you like it.  And I'm sorry that it'll be a day later than you expect it to be!  I promise it's coming! :)  #ohiobound

ps-- the original tutorial can be found here.

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