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Today is Roger's 25th Birthday.  Birthdays aren't really his thing, so we're just having a low-key day.  His morning class was cancelled, so we got to have a birthday breakfast together and take Olive to the park for a little bit.

The best thing I gave him (in my opinion) came from a crafty collaborative effort between Olive and I.  We did this over a month ago, and have just been impatiently waiting until it was time to give it to him.  Our apartment is severely lacking in the art department, so I thought it would be nice to make something personal that we could display and enjoy all the time.

On Roger's first day of Optometry School orientation, he had a networking dinner so he wasn't home until around 10pm.  Olive and I took the opportunity to get crafty.

Why I barricaded off the kitchen and didn't just do this in the bathroom with the door shut is still a mystery to me.  I also apologize for the poor quality of some of these pictures-- it's hard to get a clear shot of a puppy who doesn't want to sit still :(

Luckily, we had just moved a week and a half before, so we had plenty of totes and boxes to stack high to keep Puppy Girl from making the great escape and tracking paint all over the carpet.

I found a box that was large enough for Olive to jump around in a little bit and put it in the middle of the kitchen floor.

I picked two colors that seemed to be sort of recurring in our apartment decor scheme, but were also soft enough to blend in nicely anywhere.  I bought two bottles of craft paint, both from Michael's.  One was FolkArt's Jamaican Sea, and the other was Martha Stewart's Yellow Gold.  The paper I used was actually something called Mulberry Paper that I had left over from another project.  It has a little extra texture, which I liked, but I'm sure just regular computer paper or card stock would work just fine.

I cut a little piece of cardboard off of the box that I was using and squeezed out two circles of paint.  I dipped Olive's front right foot into the gold paint and her front left foot into the blue paint...

...and let her go to town :)  It actually was a pretty big fiasco.  She didn't like the paint on her little feet and she didn't want to stay in the box.

At one point, I thought she needed a little more paint on her feet so I picked her up and dipped her feet back into it.  She proceeded to flail.  Paint flew.  We both needed a bath.

Thankfully, her little pawprints wiped right up off of the kitchen floor, so aside from her bath, there was pretty minimal clean up.  You can see her little blue prints walking across the center of this photo.  It's funny because if the light hits the floor just right, I can still see where I missed some spots.  It's not a big deal though-- if I scrub it a little, it comes right off.

And now it's hanging in our living room, making us smile every day :)  The gold looks really nice with our lamp and our new garland (tutorial up tomorrow!), so we're both pretty happy with it.

It's amazing how some wall accessories make our apartment look so much more like a home.  It feels cozier, and both the art and the garland make me happier.

Roger loves it, and it's a really nice way to decorate our home with something that means a lot to both of us.

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