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A few weeks ago, I realized I was late to the party for a Mug Swap held by Kim from the A Cuppa Kim blog.

And I guess I wasn't the only one who was pretty bummed that I didn't find out about it in time, because a wonderful girl named Ashley has set up another swap!  It's called the Favorite Things Swap and I found out about it with three days to spare!

This is the post that I found on Instagram:

I was so excited.  I sent out an email to Ashley and she emailed me back three hours later, telling me what information I needed to send back.  She needed normal things like our name, address, and email-- and she also requested our instagram/twitter/blog so that our buddies had a way to contact us.  She also wanted a short paragraph about us and anything that we did not want to receive (allergies, extreme aversions, etc.).

So I sent that back and on the 29th, I received my swap buddy assignment!

The idea behind a swap is sort of Secret Santa-esque.  You buy for one person, and another person buys for you-- that way, you get to meet two new people through the experience.  And I was a little confused at first about what we were swapping, but we're supposed to gift our buddy our own favorite things.  The idea is to share what you love with others.

So just for fun, I've created a mood board of sorts of things I'm thinking about sending my buddy.

**All sources for the mood board can be found here:  1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

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