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I sent my Favorite Things Swap package out on Monday!  It's on it's way to one of the T states!  I had so much fun shopping for my buddy and packing it up, and I can't wait until she gets it.

Here's what she's getting! :)

One.  Tazo Chai Tea.  I don't like hot beverages of any kind, but she does.  So I decided to include my little sister's favorite tea for her to enjoy... I hope she likes it!

Two.  Aqua washi tape and glitter ribbon.  I've used this glitter ribbon for so. many. projects.  It's my favorite thing, ever... Also, who doesn't love washi tape?  I picked this tape up at Target and didn't realize it had snowflakes on it until I got home :(  I hope she has some winter projects to work on! Ha.

Three.  I love, love, love these vintage hankies.  I picked them up at an antique store at home, so they were extra special to me.  And what gorgeous colors.

Four.  Blue mason jars!  How pretty.  Mason jars + my favorite color = a must to include.  It was a mini mason jar, so it was short but I thought it was the perfect size for craft supplies (like washi tape!).  I also picked this up at the same vintage store back home... I hope she's as enamored with it as I am.

Five.  Stripey straws.  Because who doesn't love stripey straws.  In my favorite color, of course.

Six.  My buddy said that she never goes anywhere without a good pen, so I sent her my favorite kind!  The brand is Le Pen and I got this from Michael's.  The pink goes with one of the vintage hankies I sent :)

After making my own paper grass as decoration/cushion (tutorial on the blog tomorrow)...

... I packaged it all up and added little notes about why these things were my favorites and why I picked them for her.

I added some packaging materials that we had left over from all of Roger's book purchases (score for free packaging!) and made her a little card to introduce myself and give her my contact information.

Aaaand then I had a little too much fun decorating the box.  Names/addresses are covered for privacy reasons and also so that if she happens to see this post, she won't know it's for her until it gets there :)

Ps buddy-- good luck getting into that box.  It has more packaging tape on it than I care to admit on a social media platform.

I hope she gets it soon... She was supposed to receive it today, but we encountered a little hiccup:

In case you're confused, Oregon is nowhere near either of the T states.  Thanks USPS.  You've done well.  We made some phone calls today and hopefully they can intercept the package on the West Coast and ship it back toward it's correct destination.  It will be well-traveled by the time it gets to her, that's for sure.

As soon as she gets it,  I'll post some more "behind the scenes" type things, but I don't want to give too much away until I know it's safe and sound.  I also can't wait to share what I received in my package yesterday!

And one more picture because it's pretty:

See you tomorrow for the tutorial :)

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