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I talked about the Favorite Things Swap that I participated in here and here.  I'm happy to say that I received my package and my pal received hers!  I told you that I would share some "behind the scenes" things (so professional sounding), so here we go.

The second photo I posted on Instagram for this swap was this one:

I'll give you a hint.  She's the one saying whoever gets the package is a lucky gal... I'll just tell you.  This made me pretty happy :)

Then I posted this photo the day that I mailed it out (last Monday):

Yep.  You guessed it.  Her comment was the one with the arrow pointing to it saying she hoped it was to her in Tennessee... It was definitely on its way to Tennessee!

This is where I freaked out a little bit.  I showed Roger how she had liked all three of my photos pertaining to the swap and was like "omgggg she totally knows!"  He assured me that it was just a crazy coincidence and that I was about to make a friend for life.

Welp, then we all know from this post that my package took a little detour to... you know... OREGON.  Oregon isn't near either of the T states.  Thank you USPS.  The worker who took my package accidentally typed a 9 where it should have been a 3.  Apparently the first number in a zip code is very important.  Minor details.

Finally, a couple days late, my pal posted this photo:

She loved it.  I'm still not convinced she didn't have crazy mind-reading powers and somehow know it was hers from the beginning, but I'm so glad it reached her undamaged.  And I hope she was as happy with it as she said she was :)

I also was lucky enough to receive the package from my secret buddy, too!

She was so sweet.  Everything was so nice.  I especially loved the journal and sweet cards and that stamp set is exactly what I've been wanting for a long time.  Roger and I are both enjoying the gum during long days at school/work and the Aquafina chapstick and glitter glue were perfect.  I could go on and on but my point is, thank you secret swap buddy!  You're awesome.  Really.

Oh and stay tuned-- I'm participating in another swap soon, so check back later to see what's in the works.  I'm about to get my crafty on.

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