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Remember when our bedroom looked like this on Day One?:

Yikes.  Clutter Central.  Allow me to show you what it looks like 3.5 weeks in:

We took the green comforter off, because it's too hot right now, so we weren't ever really sleeping with it.  The cream-colored blanket is the same one that was underneath the comforter before, and I keep a gray blanket draped across the bottom to make it look more like I made the bed.  Effort must be acknowledged.

This corner is a thorn in my side.  I can't stand that little coffee table that the dinosaur TV is on.  It doesn't really fit the aesthetic of the room at all, and it's way too low to the ground.  I have such a hard time seeing the TV when I'm in bed.  Plus it's so cramped over there.  This is clearly just a "for now" arrangement.

Those cables mock me on an hourly basis.  So do those closet pulls.

That nightstand is new.  Well, not new.  Not even new to us, really.  It's Roger's, and we picked it up last time we went home.  Not having something to rest charging phones or a glass of water on at night was driving us crazy.  You'll also notice that I don't have any throw pillows on the bed at all.  Boring.

And before I forget, look at how beautifully well the legs of our bed and our vanity go together.  They both have such amazingly romantic lines, and that's part of my inspiration for the mood board below.

Ten points for an Olive spotting.

And just to get you a little more oriented, here is a terrible Paint rendition of where our furniture is in regards to our floor plan:

You'll notice that I made it a point to label where our cable plug is.  This is the big problem. If we want to put the TV anywhere else, we would have to run a coax cable somehow.  And since we're renters, there really aren't any pretty ways to do it.

Here's what I'm envisioning.  Please check out an equally-horrid Paint photo.  If we can figure out how to put the TV on the opposite wall without making the cable look trashy (any suggestions??), this is what will happen.

I think this will give us the most open feeling when it comes to floor space.  The dresser really needs to stay where it is, because otherwise that nook will look really funny, and unfortunately the vanity is just a little too wide to go in there.  If we play our cards right, I could use the vanity as my "nightstand" and we wouldn't need another piece of furniture in there.  But we could also swing the vanity over to where the TV stand currently is and give us more room for another side table.  We'll see.

I've put together a mood board to kind of portray the general feel that I'm going for.

Warm, cozy, and comfortable.

One.  This is actually wallpaper, but I'm looking for something like this for our curtains.  Something bright and airy, with just a tint of gold.  I'm not sure about the chevron-ish pattern; I think it's too harsh and modern for the rest of the room.  But I'd like something that's mostly white with a hint of gold.  Maybe just straight stripes?  Fabric shopping will happen soon.  (Hopefully.)  Also, this should be an adventure because we can't put holes in the wall to hang a curtain rod.  Boo.

Two.  I'd like to find some sort of faux fireplace/mantel to put a new TV on.  The only tricky part is that it needs to be bulky enough that it will stand alone, because we can't anchor it to the wall.  I really wouldn't want it toppling over, especially onto Olive.

Three.  These lights are so gorgeous.  I'm not sure that they would ever actually work in here, but they might be cool along the curtains, maybe.

Four.  I'm literally drooling over this blanket.  Look how chunky and cozy it looks.  It makes the whole room look loved and lived-in, and I'm really into the colors here, too.

Five.  This is just a color that is very similar to our walls (at least on my monitor), so I thought it would be helpful to have that color up there just for reference reasons.

Six.  I'm not a pink person, but part of me is leaning toward blush-colored throw pillows at some point.  I'm not sure Roger will be on board for this one.  At all.

Seven.  Again, I'm not entirely sure that I love this white lamp, but it was just a thought.  It could work to bring in Roger's more modern taste to nicely compliment my more vintage/traditional taste.

Eight.  I recently inherited two gold lamps-- one you can see in the photos above and the other lives in our living room.  I threw this lamp into the mood board as a reminder of something that we already have that works with this look.

Nine.  How gorgeous is this stenciled dresser?!  I would love to try something like this, but our dressers are in solid wood, and in such awesome shape that we'll probably just leave them as they are.

I'm also thinking about exchanging the closet door knobs for something a little more like this.  And obviously finding and hanging some art is high on the to-do list.

That's it.  My brain hurts.  I'm sure yours does, too.  If you made it this far, who are you?  I love you.  I think we should be best friends purely for your dedication.

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