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Our bathroom.  It's teeny.  I have to say that there's only a few things in here that I want to change before it's in the "done for now" stage.

As I did with our bedroom, I've created a mood board for the bathroom:

One.  The shower curtain is the biggest change that I still want to make in this room.  I like the one that we have, but it really isn't my style and I'd like to find something that fits the rest of the apartment a little bit better.  I'm planning on buying a cheap white shower curtain and trying my hand at dip-dyeing soon.

Two.  Look familiar?  I'm hoping once I change my color scheme from brown/gold to turquoise/teal, the yellow will still look nice.  I think it'll work well, especially with some art that I whipped up for Roger's birthday.  Shh don't tell him :)

Three.  These milk glass vases are speaking to me.  I just bought one at an antique store at home, and it lives in my kitchen for now.  I smile at it regularly.  I'd love to put a few that are different shapes/sizes on the toilet tank or on the little shelf over the medicine cabinet.  Fresh flowers, anyone?

Four.  How adorable are these shower curtain rings??  I would die with how awesome they'll look with the milk glass vases.  And they look very aquatic.  Oh my goodness.  My heart is about to burst.  I'm a mermaid.

Five.  I'm constantly forgetting to take my jewelry off before I get in the shower, so I always just throw it on the toilet tank, which is a terrible idea.  This ring dish is the answer.  And what a nice coincidence that the polka dots happen to be silver, like all of the bathroom's hardware.  I need it.

Six.  I recently purchased this soap pump and the matching tooth brush holder from Target.  They look nice with the current shower curtain, and they'll look amazing with the new one-- you know, if/when it's ever done.

Since there's no natural light in that room, the artificial light really makes everything look dingy at times.  I'm hoping that introducing some white elements to the bathroom will help cool down all the yellow tones of the light and walls.

What do you think?  Anybody else find it weird that I'm unintentionally turning my bathroom into a mermaid's paradise? ;)

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