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I mentioned yesterday that I was going to post a quick tutorial for the paper grass that I used to fill my Favorite Things Swap package.  Sorry for that terrible photo.  Apparently the only one I took was on my phone...

I'll back it up a little, though.  I was getting ready to pack up all of the things I bought my buddy when I realized how blah it looked.  I wanted my buddy to be really excited when she opened up the package, so I started brainstorming ideas with the limited craft supplies I have in Massachusetts.

I remembered a project I did last Spring where I made Roger his own little Easter Basket.  The paper grass in the basket really completed the look and helped to cushion some of the candy so that it didn't get squashed.  I bought the orange paper grass from Walmart, but I knew I could make my own in the colors that I wanted.

It was really easy.  Here we go.

You have to pretend like you're seven years old again and it's 95 degrees outside and your elementary school is too cheap for air conditioning and you need to make a paper fan.  So start by folding your paper of choice in small sections like so:

And then flip the paper over and fold it back toward you:

Continue this all the way down the paper:

Once the entire paper is folded, fan yourself for a job well done grab your pair of scissors and start cutting thin strips like this:

You'll want to make sure you have a fairly sharp pair of scissors, or this could be a tedious craft.

And you're done!

And then you toss all of your grasses (word?) into your box and add all of your pretty pieces:

I think I used two sheets of 12 x 12 paper and maybe four sheets of 8 x 11 paper?  I didn't count, but I could have gone crazy and used way more.  But it was midnight and the Optometry Student was ready for bed.  I guess when you are in professional school and the dog takes your side, you win.

But anyway, I told you it was quick.  But effective, right?  I think it jazzed up my package perfectly and looks kind of like a party (appropriately).  In other news... My buddy's package is still in Oregon :(

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