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We're moving in 10 days.  Ten.  Naturally, all of my worldly possessions are in boxes, totes, or piles and I can't find anything I need when I need it.

But now that our lease has been signed and we officially have an apartment assigned to us, I can share our floor plan!

We're pretty relieved to have snagged an 843 square foot, two-bedroom apartment that we could afford so that Roger could have a place to shut himself away for some hardcore optometry homework sessions.  We chose the room we did to be our bedroom because it seemed a little more conventional in shape and we thought it would be easier when we're trying to put furniture on walls and such.

Plus it seems bigger :)  Oh, and the cool thing about having two people in a two bedroom apartment?  Two closets.  My clothes will go in the bedroom closet and Roger's clothes will go in the office closet.

We've started collecting furniture and so far we have:
  • 2 leather love seats
  • a dining room table and chairs
  • a coffee table
  • 2 dressers
  • a vintage vanity
  • Roger's new desk-table for the office

The biggest thing that we still need is a bed frame and mattress/box spring, which we're planning to buy once we move (!!!).  We also have a ton of kitchen things that my aunt and grandma donated to the cause and Roger's mom bought us a bright green geometric comforter for our bed.

This is a pretty short post today, but I feel like it's a pretty big post.  So hopefully by the time we move in, this post will help orient you and help to understand the flow of the apartment a little more.

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