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My little sister, Taryn, bought me this sign for Christmas a few years ago from a little boutique in my hometown.  I've always wanted to hang it up in my bathroom someday.

Not only do I have my own bathroom now, but it turns out that it looks pretty empty and lonely without any kind of art on the walls :(

So since I can't go hammering any nails into walls here, I had to resort to my best friend in college:

Command strips.

At first I just put two at the top, but I wasn't sure it would hold the weight.  And since that's usually where we put Olive when we're going to be gone for a while, I didn't want it falling down on her.  So Roger suggested we put a third in the middle across the bottom to ensure that it was nice and secure.

I decided to put it a little higher on the wall because I want to hang at least one other thing in there.  I'm not sure what it'll be yet, but it needs something to balance it out.

Also, look how (surprisingly) nice it looks with our shower curtain!

I could lie and say that was on purpose, but it was a happy accident.  And I'm so glad it was.  So the hunt is still on for other bathroom-related accessories, especially more art! :)

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