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We moved in on Saturday!  And I'm officially blogging from Worcester, Massachusetts.  Our internet won't be hooked up until tomorrow though, so we're hanging out at a local Panera long enough for me to give everyone an update.

Today I thought I'd share photos of our apartment as it looked just minutes after we got our keys: empty.  We hadn't even started carrying things in yet.

I'm going to apologize in advance for the poor quality of the photos-- I took them with my iPhone and it was having a hard time adjusting to the weird lighting (we hadn't even turned the lights on yet).

If you're having a hard time orienting yourself, check out my floor plan post from a couple weeks ago here.

Here's the view as you walk into the apartment.  The kitchen is to the left, hallway to the bathroom/bedroom/office to the right, and living/dining room straight ahead.  I'm not sure why our carpet reads pink in these pictures-- it's actually just a neutral beige.

Looking into our kitchen:

And the other side:

Back out of the kitchen and into the living room:

And the view from the other side looking back toward the kitchen:

And now looking down the hallway toward the bathroom, office, and bedroom.  The bedroom is straight ahead, the office to the left, and the bathroom to the right:

The office:

Looking back to the door from the other side of the office:


Looking back to the door (you can see a sliver of the door in the bottom left corner of the photo):

And the bathroom (possibly the worst photos):

I'm looking forward to sharing other moving-related posts with you this week!  Some things in mind are:
  • A Day-One post
  • Moving with Olive
  • Apartment Hunting
  • Anything else I might be forgetting because we are currently residing in clutter-central

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