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We've lived in  our apartment for almost two weeks, and I'm already seeing where I want the overall feel of the whole place to go: bright, airy, and full of things we love.

So whether the items on my Favorites List this month are things I've had my eye on, projects that are on my list, or things I've already incorporated, they all seem to fit this aesthetic.  And I'm so excited.

One.  How freaking adorable are these Anthropologie measuring cups?!  They're hedgehogs.  Hedgehogs.  While they are probably incredibly fragile, they're white and gold (swoon), and I would honestly have them out on the kitchen counter as a decoration.

Two.  I love my boyfriend to death.  But sometimes I want to tackle him to the ground when we are trying to get out the door and yet again, his keys are nowhere to be found.  This isn't a new thing, he's always done this.  So since we've moved, I've tried very hard to make sure that his keys always go in the same spot.  I bought a bowl on eBay last week for a "key bowl," and I'm thinking about painting the rim of it gold.  It will probably sit on the kitchen counter, so we'll see how it looks before I do anything drastic.

Three.  This is something I'm seriously considering.  It's so adorable and so functional, and it's really cheap!  I think it would look awesome in the bathroom, and I know I'd use it because I'm always forgetting to take off my jewelry before I shower until the last minute.  Not to mention, it would look pretttty cute with my new soap pump and toothbrush holder.

Four.  This is something I already have, but I could stare at them all day so I wanted to include them.  I have four vintage jars that serve as my kitchen canisters.  They're so pretty and make my kitchen look so put-together.  I love them.

Five.  I was talking with my mom today, and we both agreed that my current shower curtain isn't a permanent thing.  I've been thinking about buying a cheap white shower curtain and trying my hand at dip-dyeing.

Six.  Someone I follow on Instagram posted a photo the other day of an owl candle holder that she just bought for fall decor.  The warm glow it passes off really screams "autumn," so it's something that I want to look into getting.  Luckily she shared where she bought it from, so maybe a shopping trip is in our future.

So maybe this post is a sneak peek into some of the crafts I'll be diving into within the next few weeks?  We'll see!  I can't wait to get started.

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