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So remember Taylor's fabulous graduation party invitations?  If not, let me remind you really quick:

Fabulous, right?  Anyway, we've been looking to incorporate as much glitter and fabulousness as possible into this party.

We always do a cork board of pictures of the graduate's life, as most people do at graduation parties. Taylor decided to put glitter on the pushpins that are going on the cork board.  It was a pretty simple process.

Here we go :)

She started with just plain, clear plastic pushpins.  You can buy these anywhere, and we even had a few still stuck in my cork board from college.

Next, she used just plain old Elmer's glue and diluted it with water a little bit to make it thinner and easier to "paint" onto the push pins.

We had red glitter, silver glitter, and white glitter.  The white glitter didn't look very good, so she just went with red and silver.

She just dumped some glitter onto a piece of computer paper, painted some glue onto a push pin...

...and rolled the pin around in the pile of glitter.

And they look awesome.

Here's a pretty terrible photo of some of them drying, but I promise they look way more glamorous in real life.

Props to Tay for this idea.  Also, I'd just like to point out that I only supervised watched her do this little craft and somehow ended up with glitter in my eye.  I have no idea how this happened.

So again, they look very fabulous in person and I'll definitely be posting pictures of the final product after they're all in their place on the cork board.  I can't wait for this.  It's going to be...

...fabulous :)  ...getting old yet?

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