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-- Said my brother when he saw that I was painting the flower pots yellow.  Really, kid?  Says the one who is yellow obsessed.

Anyway, it's true.  I got around to painting our flower pots yellow.  I'm not sure where my mom wants them yet... we've always had them on our deck to enjoy while we're grilling and entertaining, but with them being yellow now, she might put them out in front of the house to play off of the front door.

So I started with the same paint (since we had almost 3/4 of a gallon left over), which was Sunny Summer in Behr Ultra.

After dragging the drop cloth and all of my supplies out onto the deck,  I started by wiping all of the pots down with a damp wash cloth, just to get the dirt off of them.  They weren't new pots, so remnants of last year's flowers were still hanging around.  I'd probably wipe them down even if they were new, though, just to make sure the paint adheres the right way.

Then I cracked open the paint can and got busy.

I wanted my paint strokes to go up and down because I knew that would be easiest when I got to the corners, but with those little ridges at the top, I had to go side to side, which wasn't a big deal.

Here is one side after the first coat of paint:

And I just kept going.  The only thing that slowed me down was waiting for the paint to dry, so I could only do two sides at a time.  The whole project took me about three days to complete, but I definitely could have finished it within a day if I didn't have other things to do (you know, like work).

I only painted down into the pot about two or three inches, because I knew the dirt would be almost all the way to the top of the pot.

And here's one side with its second coat of paint.  Covering much better than either of the doors did:

And with its third and final coat:

Overall, I did three coats on the outside and on the lip of the pot, and only two around the inside of the pot.  I knew that the inside would be mostly covered and that it wouldn't be a focal point, anyway.

And my mom went and bought flowers and potting soil to finish them off!

Ahhh.  Accomplishment.

So on the list of to-do for the exterior before Taylor's Grad Party in July:

It's shaping up :)

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