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Guess what.  Our door is painted.  We decided on a color.

Isn't it pretty??  I just want to hug it.  Repeatedly.  I think it really pops with the color of our house and it makes us all really happy :) Happiness in a can if I ever saw it.

We chose Sunny Summer in Behr Ultra.  We got an exterior paint since it'll be exposed to all the elements and we picked a semi-gloss finish because I felt that it was too bright to end up looking flat.

The paint lady at Home Depot lied to us, though.  She said we'd definitely need a full gallon.  False. We painted like four coats on each door and didn't even use half a gallon.

This paint was also supposed to have primer in it, so we were surprised how terribly it covered over our dark rust preventative.  We ended up doing about five coats on the front door and, honestly, if you look hard enough, it still looks uneven.

We decided to paint our side door (that we use to enter and leave the house) the same color.  I didn't get any before pictures of this door, but this door was also sporting a lot of rust. There were so many more crevices and creases in this door, so it was a challenge.

We decided to go with a white rust preventative this time, since the other color was so dark and annoying to work with.

It definitely blended better than the dark gray, but now that it's all done, I realize that I probably should have just gone ahead and sprayed down the whole thing so that the color didn't vary so much. And since we all know that the primer that was added to this paint was imaginary, it would have saved me a few coats.

I told you it was bad.  Lots of rust, lots of rust preventative.

Here it is after the first coat.

After a total of three coats, the door currently looks like this.  Still pretty blotchy, but it was good enough for prom preparation.  We'll put another coat on it soon because it's pretty easy.

And now that the door's all painted, we'll turn our attention to the frame work.  We're thinking about sprucing it up with a charcoal gray or even black like our shutters.

Also, you can see the molding around the door is chipping.  I've started to strip the paint off of that so that we can repaint it a fresh, crisp white.  We'll be doing the same around our front door.

So on the list of to-do for the exterior before Taylor's Grad Party in July:

Now that I have it all written out, it seems like a lot.  Wish me luck, I'm sure the list will keep getting longer, but that's okay!  Weirdly enough, I kind of like this kind of thing :)

I'll end this post with an obligatory Olive picture:

She's such a little helper.

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