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Yesterday I revealed Taylor's Graduation Party Invitations that I've been working on and mentioned that I made Dane's last year and my own four years ago.  Since Dane's were only made a year ago, I had them saved on my laptop-- my own on the other hand, not so much.

I made mine at school during a study hall one afternoon, so that file is long gone.  But, by a crazy stroke of luck, I remembered that I'd saved a single invitation with a single graduation announcement somewhere in my room.

And I found it.  So without further adieu, here are the first two Dechows' grad party invitations:

I made Dane's entirely in Microsoft Word.  I found a gray chevron print online and copied that image into my document.  Then I picked one of his senior pictures and slapped a slightly-darker gray border around it.  I inserted a text box, colored it yellow and put the same gray border around that.

Inside, I put all of his party information.  I swear that this was a way nicer-looking font than the automatic Calibri, but maybe some updates changed this or the font I downloaded had a bad file after a while.  Who knows.  But you get the jist.

I picked the color scheme because the kid's favorite color is very obviously yellow:

Look at that.  Yellow shoes and socks.  I have so many pictures like this... and some of his yellow soccer spikes all the way through high school and his first year of college. Anyway, you can also tell by the senior photo I selected that he does, indeed enjoy yellow.  Even the kid's bedroom walls are yellow.  What can I say?  He made it easy for me.

I just did the same thing with his invitations, as far as putting two on a page and then we cut them afterward to pass out.

Looking back, I guess I'd make the background a little lighter-- it looks really busy.  But at the same time, I was trying to keep it graphic and manly.  I didn't want it too soft.

Now, onto mine.  I'm actually a little embarrassed to show these to you.

The background I used I found on that old site called Photobucket.  Remember that?  I think I just searched "background" or "border" or something and that popped up.  Then I used a senior picture and put in all of my party info.

Why I thought that was the best picture of me, I'll never know.  Seriously.  What was I thinking?  I chose it for my yearbook photo and everything.

There isn't much to say about it except that I wish I had been more into design four years ago.  But I don't hate the way it turned out, and I think the flowers in my photo play up the ones in the design well.

So that's it.  Just an update on things that have been.

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