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Anyone who knows my little sister at all, knows she is something else.  Homegirl just turned 18 and is graduating from high school this month.  I can't handle this.  She's like an actual adult.

Anyway, just like I did for Dane last year, I put together her graduation party invitations.  Taylor originally thought that she wanted to go with an "Oh the Places You'll Go" theme, just because it's pretty easy to link up the book with the whole graduation situation.

And then she tweeted, "i woke up this morning and still looked fabulous."  HILARIOUS.  and so Taylor.  laugh, retweet, and done.  Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a theme.

So I think I need to give some background on this tweet.  It was the morning after her senior prom, and I will admit, when she left for prom, she did look pretty darn fabulous.

Unintentional matching.

Alright, enough.  I'm sorry.  This isn't a prom post.  But for real, my little sister is a model.  And you can credit me for her hair.  And you can credit her for the brush burns on her right knee and left elbow.

You see, homegirl had an excellent few days right around her birthday.  We'll start from the beginning and let her tweets do the talking:

Let's see... she was reported for violating dress code on her birthday.  She ate track on her birthday/the day before prom at a huge invitational (she fell during the 100 hurdle race, hence her brush burns), she clearly woke up the day after prom and still looked fabulous, and she got her second school record a few days after that.

Talk about roller coaster emotions.  But for real, this is why I love her.  She can now laugh about all of these things.  She's hilarious.  Honestly.

But, moving on...

When I remembered this tweet the other day, I knew it was perfect for her "theme."  After running it past her, it was a go.  None of our graduation parties have ever had themes before, so I guess this will be like ours but with more glitter.  And perhaps some Taylor Tweets hanging up.

I would have just handmade them, but my mom wanted close to 70 of them to make sure Taylor had enough for graduation announcements to send to family and enough to pass out at school for her friends... and that's a lot of glitter.  For the top font, I used "Sacramento," and for all the little details, I used the font "Tall Dark and Handsome."

I added one of her senior pictures, softened the edges so that it seemed to blend more, and added a pink bokeh effect to make it look more like it belonged there.

And BAM.

There it is.  Very fabulous and very Taylor.  Simple, easy, and serves its purpose, right??

Then I just saved the image to my laptop and inserted it into a Word document.  I put two side by side to save paper and space.

We then just made color copies of the invitation onto normal computer paper.  Nothing fancy here, the purpose is just to let people know when and where the party's at-- and to warn them that it's going to be fabulous.

We then just cut them in half with one of my scrapbooking tools and they're done!  And since they're just printed on normal computer paper, they're super easy to fold and stick in with graduation announcements.  And we don't care if they get folded or crumpled in her bag when she's passing them out because they didn't really cost us anything.

So there you have it.  I wish I had the time/energy/glitter to make 70 graduation party invitations by hand because they would've been awesome.

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