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Wayyy back in February, I gave Roger a stack of prepaid, pre-planned date envelopes.  You can check out what we did for February and March here and here.

Let's talk about April:

When I was planning which dates would be which month, I decided to use a gift certificate that Roger and I had won at a benefit dinner.  It was for a couple's painting class, which I was really looking forward to.  April was the month that ended up being assigned.

I used the same vellum envelopes that I'd used for every other date.  I used chalk to kind of give the envelope a watercolor feel, added a small paintbrush and a popsicle stick, and then liked the look of the tissue that I used to blend the chalk, so I used that, too.

I wrote a note like I did the other two months to let him know what we were doing, and then included the gift certificate.

I thought this date would be really fun and we'd get to make something that we could hang up in our house someday.  Unfortunately, shortly after this benefit dinner, the lady who gives these classes became sick.  She's doing really well, but we haven't gotten around to doing this date yet.

We also had track meets to attend every. single. weekend. in April so, along with our road trips, this date probably wouldn't have happened on time anyway.

I know I'm really behind on these but I promise to get caught up soon!  It's been nuts around here with interviews and apartment hunting trips (!!!), but I'll be back on the ball ASAP :)

*** Next week is going to be Big Reveal: School Edition Week!  Stop in to find out all the good stuff about our adventures so far-- and maybe even a few guest posts! :)

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