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I’m pretty new to this whole “blog-talk,” but I will do my best to keep everyone as interested as possible.  Hopefully you will be kept entertained enough to read the entire passage! 

The name's Roger and I’m dating this gorgeous girl named Taurie.  Taurie and Olive will both be coming along with me on the second part of our optometry adventure: actual school, but first we had to go through the interview process! 

The entire process was a pretty daunting task of 5 separate trips, not for the faint of heart or for those with light pocketbooks, like myself.  The trips took us to many new places and all over the eastern half of the country.  I think Johnny Cash said it best, “Of travel I've had my share, man. I've been everywhere.”  So much like the song and in list form (make sure to sing this out), I've been to:  Erie, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Memphis, Chicago, Worcester, Boston, Philadelphia, Ithaca, King of Prussia, Sturbridge, Louisville, Nashville. What a thrill!

I will eventually get around to writing about each of these trips and even the actual interviews at the schools, but for now I more or less wanted to get the big decision out there!  This big decision is where Taurie and I will be moving coming this August 2013.


Drum roll please….. Worcester, Massachusetts!  

Now before you go pronouncing it Wor-Chest-er, it's pronounced WOO-STA (I suppose).  I had the lady in the admissions office say it with me a few times during the interview.  She mentioned that I still didn't have it down, but it was far from the worst attempts she had heard.  It made me feel slightly better that I didn't make the worst attempt (thankfully!).  

The decision to go to MCPHS in Worcester was made pretty easy thanks to a sizable scholarship, and now just about a month after hearing I was accepted we are definitely on our way!  Now all that’s left to do is order my white coat, send in immunization records, find a place to live, file a parking form, purchase books, decide on a diagnostic set, order my equipment, and then relax!  

Definitely a lot left to do….I’m just thankful I have Taurie there to help me through it all! 

yes we did order matching hoodies :)
xo, Taurie

**Update: To read about Roger's interview day at MCPHS, click here!

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