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Some really awesome bloggers started a new Instagram/blog challenge called One Word Wednesday, and I decided to join in on the fun!  It's really inspiring and kind of therapeutic to have these photos to look forward to every Wednesday. 

The challenge isn't about pretty, planned photos; it’s just about keeping this week’s word in mind and
grabbing a picture when inspiration strikes you.

This week’s word was pink. At first, I thought this would be sort of hard because my favorite colors
are yellow and aqua. But as I looked around, I realized I’m more of a girl than I thought. My nails are
currently pink, I have tons of pink craft supplies, my walls are blush pink in my bedroom.

Then I remembered one of my most cherished possessions: my mismatched china collection.

The pink depression glass I pulled out is always more beautiful than I remember. My grandmother has collected depression glass for years and for my 21st birthday last summer, she gave me my own place setting. I’m absolutely in love with it. I can’t wait to move and have it on display so, so soon :)

So here are the photos that the "founders" posted for One Word Wednesday this week:

(left to right)
1. Jessica  2. Briana  3. Jenna  4. Amanda  5. Bethany  6. Leslie 

And here are some photos posted so far from some of us that have decided to join in this awesome, inspiring, happy Wednesday challenge :)

(left to right)
1. Jill  2. Mira  3. Emily  4. Abby  5. Sandra  6. Cathi  7. Me

Last week’s word was morning. I didn’t know about the challenge until Thursday morning, and I briefly thought about joining in a little late, but with all of our road trips lately, I felt like I couldn’t really read about the challenge and know what was going on the way that I wanted to. So, I waited a week and started today.

I probably would have posted something similar to this 6-week-old photo:

I love my puppy girl. If Olive’s ready to wake up (at 5:30am) and you make her go back to sleep for a
little bit, good luck waking her up later. She’s a bum.

Here were the original 6 bloggers' photos for last week’s word, “morning.”

(same order as above)

I can't wait to keep this up.  Next week's word is project.  Everyone's invited to play along!  Just make sure you tag #onewordwednesday and @briana6, as she is posting reader favorites on her blog every week!


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