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So about four days before Easter, I was reading one of the blogs that I follow when I came across the best Easter basket idea ever.

This girl put together a really cute basket for her husband using a six pack of beer!  What a way to your man's heart!  She used Stella because it's so pretty, so imagine my elation when I realized that Negra Modelo bottles are even prettier!

So here's what I did.

Start with a six-pack of your man's favorite beer.

Remove three of them.  I obviously picked the prettiest three (the foil on some of them was a little wonky).  The other tutorial says to drink the removed three, but I'm really not a beer drinker.  I mean, I'll drink anything, but I enjoy myself an Amaretto Sour.  Anyway. Back to the point.

Fold back the separators and secure them to the back/sides.  I used photo scrapbooking adhesives, but I'm sure double-sided tape or some sort of glue would work fine.

I bought shredded paper grass because I didn't want Olive to eat the plastic kind.  Easter grass + puppy = sick puppy.  So I filled in around the bottles on one side and on the other side, I used the rest of the bag.  It was stuffed full.

Next came the fun part.  I totally did this all backwards.  For the record, I would recommend filling the basket with grass last, right before putting the candy in.  I would also recommend doing the next step either not at all or from bottom to top.

To make the fringe, I just cut four equal strips of scrapbook paper and fringed almost all the way to the top, leaving a little bit of room to put adhesive on.  I picked these colors because orange and green are Roger's favorite colors-- and aqua is mine ;)  I also put orange pieces of paper around the other sides to make it brighter and prettier.

After that, all you have to do is fill it up with candy.  I also added bunny ears to the beer bottles, just like Jess did in her tutorial.  Can't take credit for that one.  I tried to spruce up the basket a little with some washi tape around the handle in an attempt to make it not so beer box-ish.

So that's it.  It was pretty easy and turned out really cute and he liked it a lot.  I was happy with it.  Also, I was a really good girlfriend and remembered to keep the beer refrigerated so that it didn't warm up and get "skunky." :)

Happy Easter!

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