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It's a nice day here today.  Like, really nice.  Like, 70 degrees for the first time since October, nice.  It's days like today that make me love where I live.  Country roads, take me home :)

Today's post is a little different than anything I've ever done/written about before.  So bear with me.  Here we go.

So my family built this house in 2001.  Since the initial painting and such, not a lot has been done as far as the exterior goes, with the exceptions of building a back deck, building a back deck again after it collapsed on Valentine's Day 2011, replacing siding, and replacing our roof.

ps-- my nice camera is at Roger's house so all of these photos were taken with my phone.  sorry about the quality :/

So, naturally, with all of the tough winters we've faced, our doors have seen better days.

Oh hey, Roxi :)

My mom and I decided that we wanted our house to have a little pop of color, to brighten it up and make it look more cheerful.  And while the color is still being debated, today I started to prepare the door for it's new look.

But not without my trusty sidekick, of course!

So, like I was saying.  Our front door has definitely seen better days.

Being a non-wood door, it was beginning to rust, so before we painted, we needed to sand that down so that paint wouldn't chip and wear off as easily.

Now, I want to make it clear that the last time I sanded anything was in 8th-grade technology class. It's been a long time.  But I did remember that you should use course-grit sand paper first to really sand it down and then a finer paper to make it silky smooth.

So I started by hand-sanding the rust spots with a really course-grit paper.  I believe I used a 36-grit paper.  We had 24-grit, but that looked like a little much.

When I first started, I thought I ruined the door.  See all those scratches?  How hideous.

But there was no turning back, so I forged on.  Next up: The sander.  We have this baby:

The Black and Decker 1/4 Sheet Finishing Sander.  Not that anyone cares.  But that's what we have.

So for this, I used a 60-grit course sandpaper-- mostly because that's what was already on the sander.  (I  told you.  I'm a total amateur.)

It actually worked pretty awesome.  To run your hand across the finished surface, it's pretty smooth.  Like, I can barely tell the difference between the non-sanded and sanded parts.  But here's what it looked like when I was done:

And the whole door:

Not too shabby, huh?  We'll see what my mom thinks when she gets home from work (ha).  She's supposed to be bringing some sort of Rust-Oleum that we can put over it to protect it and seal it in before we prime/paint.

Speaking of paint, while I'd like to go for something like this, my mom is thinking something more like this*.

But that's it for today.  Hopefully we'll get another beautiful day sometime soon so that we can finish this project up! :)

*-- I try to link back to original sources whenever I can, but for these I couldn't them or they wouldn't open :(

pps-- I've run into some hiccups when it came to the video I've been editing from our trip to Memphis.  I promise I haven't forgotten about it, just mildly frustrated about the whole process at the moment.

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