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So... welcome to my new blog :)

I've been loving on my PeaceLoveTaurie blog for almost two whole years.  I started it when I switched my major from Nursing to Public Relations and felt like I was finally getting my life back.

I (sort of) learned the ins and outs of blogging and post-writing, and started following some really awesome, inspiring, amazing blogs.  I'm so happy I did this.

With that being said, I feel like it's time to move past this little chapter in my life and start a blog that I feel will be better than my old one.  I plan to keep my old blog live so that I can link back to it for old projects/crafts/posts so that I don't have to write about new things that some of my readers have already read about.

So, here's the deal.  Roger's been applying to Optometry School.  Some applications have been turned in, others aren't due yet.  It's a big, exciting, scary, overwhelming step for both of us, and I want a way to document it-- not only for ourselves, but for our families/friends.  Hence the name, "Eye Love You." ;)

I also hope to get some guest-writing by none other than my very own Roger.  Since this is going to be kind of his journey (I'm only his tag-a-long), I want him to be the one to tell everyone about big, exciting news.  We'll see how that goes.

Anyway, I want this blog to be a continuation of my last one.  I still plan to write about my thoughts/feelings/ramblings, and I still want to post about my craftings, but I also wanted to be a little more grown up in a way and incorporate this big step in our lives.

So here we are.  Thanks for sticking with me :) Hang in there... we'll make it.

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